[ubuntu-florida] re newbees

Mike Feravolo gnewsense at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 11 13:46:31 BST 2009


I have a neighbor that is a  Ham , maybe  he  knows about the "third 
party" programs that you want to run.

Also in the Free Software World there are no "third party" applications, 
there is only the free software (a.k.a Open Source) community, which 
makes me think you are the Ham radio apps are Windows Software.

Otherwise "third party" means software not in the Ubuntu Repositories as 
compiled code and you have to compile the source. That software would be 
source code or "tar balls". They are called "tar balls" because we use 
"tar" to compress then into achives, that are simular to zip files on 

If you looking to run windows apps you need a program called "wine" for 
the older COM+ / DLL apps or "mono for the .net framework or new windows 
apps. Both can be a hassle to get to work, we don't bother with windows 

If you what to join our Linux face book page and ask people questions 
there, we have a url for that:


At last glance we have over 850 fans and several conversations going on 
Linux in general, we try to post something everyday or so that is of 
interest to the group also

Mike Feravolo
Cocoa Beach, FL

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