[ubuntu-florida] Remastered Ubuntu 7.10 ISO

Neo Taoist Techno Pagan neotaoisttechnopagan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 10:42:51 GMT 2008

I have recently used UCK (Ubuntu Customization Kit) to add updates to
the official 7.10-desktop image. Would anyone be interested in a copy? I
can put a torrent up and begin seeding or can provide a direct d/l,
although my upload speed needs help (no FiOS in my area yet). With an
updated cd an install will be even easier for a new users IMHO - saving
the time of downloading and updating their systems. In hindsight, I can
also make updated images for the 7.10 live DVD and the 7.04 live cd &
DVD since I have a local mirror here of both.


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