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Tue Mar 4 21:13:10 GMT 2008

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The context: Event announcements for community groups (upcoming
meetings, etc.). Since everyone has a different preference for how &
when they want to receive announcement & reminder messages, maybe it's
time to move past the "announcement list" model. Instead, the group
admin could post info in a Web app, and subscribers could define their
notification preferences. See quoted text below.

John Simpson wrote:
|> I wonder if we can't develop an app that offers flexible, user-defined
|> notifications -- or if such an app already exists. By that, I mean the
|> user indicates the desired number and frequency of notifications, and
|> the desired delivery method (email or SMS). For instance:
|> - - only email me when something changes
|> - - email me a notice 1 day in advance
|> - - email me daily reminders 4 days in advance
|> - - email me 2 days prior, and text me a reminder the morning of
|> (For our purposes, I'm assuming SMS subscribers have an email address
|> form -- e.g. subscriber at wireless.att.net -- which receives SMS.)
| all we need is somebody to write or find it... and i think, where this
| is a linux group, they should be okay with releasing the source code
| under the GPL (or some other OSI-approved license.) [...]
|> This might seem like overkill for LEAP, and it probably is. I'm just
|> throwing it out in case someone feels ambitious, or someone finds a
|> program already developed. This would be a really useful tool for many
|> community organizations. (It seems like an improvement over the mailing
|> list announcement, which is basically the electronic equivalent of a
|> paper newsletter.)
| i'll be honest, i *could* write such a thing, but i don't have the time-
| especially if it's not something that i know people would use. ever
| since mid-january i've been a lot busier than i'm used to (which is a
| good thing.)

Anybody interested in putting together a little app to do this?

Does this already exist?

Ideas about implementation or features? (iCal? RSS? Plugins for
WordPress, Drupal? Ad- or fee-supported hosted version?)

Is this useless or a bad idea? (I don't think so, but feel free to tell
me why I'm wrong.)

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