[ubuntu-florida] Cool: It's seems like I started a dialog here

Mike Feravolo gNewSense at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 16 14:04:11 GMT 2008

Good Day People:

Our mission is getting people that are reluctant to change to see the
benefit of changing. Which includes introducing ordinary people (i.e.
people that don't care and are afraid to change ) to GNU/Linux.

Go ahead and pass out all the Ubuntu CD's that you like at LUGS,
Computer Trade Shows and other events that support our trade. 

However, when you deal with Chambers or Commerce and Small Business
people they more likely to use them as a coaster or to place under one
of those big candles.

Next I used VNC as an example because remote access to your own data on
your own computer is something that people in business are interested
in. Most of these people don't run server networks like Microsoft(r)'s
marketing arm would like people to believe and lot of them use run XP
Home which has no remote access capability. 

My observations are based on the people that I come in contact with at
Business Networking Functions in the Greater Orlando Area and Cocoa

One last thing don't give up on anyone, just because they think that are
afraid to change. Since those are the majority of computer users out


Mike Feravolo

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