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On Feb 15, 2008 7:57 PM, Mike Feravolo <gNewSense at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I was having trouble posting to the list before, with a few observations
> that I have when I talk to ordinary people about GNU/Linux and Free
> Software:
> 1) Handing Out "Live Ubuntu" CD's is ineffective, since people are
> afraid to use them. The word install any where on their computer screen
> scares them away. I have no clue how to address this other then stop
> handing out CD's.
> 2) Beware of the Windows(R) editions of applications such as "Open
> Office", when people already have paid for the competitive application
> (e.g MS-Office). Give them something that they don't already have, I
> think this was the flaw in the "Open CD" and why that project has been
> abandoned. People seem to find all the faults with the free software and
> now are afraid of all free software.
> 3) Software Freedom is about doing what you want to do with your
> computer without any restrictions. That is what free software and
> Software Freedom are all about. Your business is your business; Why do
> you want some third party making the rules for you, while they attach
> themselves to your check book.
> Microsoft(r) doesn't care about your bottom line, they only care about
> theirs. There is nothing "free" about that "Microsoft Tax Stamp" placed
> on the side of your computer. Let them know how to get one "duty free".
> That's basically what was in my first posting that kicked back when I
> sent it from the wrong email.
> Peace:
> Mike Feravolo
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