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Fri Feb 15 17:10:12 GMT 2008

Does anyone have a few minutes to put something together for UWN?  I can do
it, but my writing skills are not the best.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 12:50 AM, Gavin Baker <gavin at gavinbaker.com> wrote:

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> Hey all,
> It was nice to meet you guys at the FL Linux Show. For those who weren't
> there, the LoCo booth was rockin' -- WAY more people than the Gentoo
> booth ;) Somebody oughtta write up a note and send it to the Ubuntu
> Weekly newsletter.
> If anybody has pictures, please post 'em so us others can see 'em.
> And we talked about what we'd do for Hardy. Is it time to figure that
> out? I like the idea of organizing something in Orlando (since I'm
> here), but maybe we should set a goal to co-host release parties /
> installfests with LUGs across the state. i.e., the guys in Jax should
> work with JaxLUG to organize an event there, the people in Miami should
> do an event there, etc. What do you think?
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