[ubuntu-florida] FLS F2F Meetup

Jimmy Harris harris.jimmy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 23:25:49 GMT 2008

I like your idea Chris (itnet7).  I will call my hotel tonight to find
out if they have accommodations for us to gather.  Otherwise I think
logistically it might be kind of crazy to get everybody and everything
together in such a short amount of time.  Oh, I don't know I can't
even leave work early on a Friday.  And I a vegetarian who eats cheese
and seafood and LOVE pizza.

I still vote for meeting up at a restaurant. Maybe we could all meet
briefly in #ubuntu-us-fl at a certain time tonight, tomorrow night to
make a decision.  If not I say we meet at Gator's Dockside at The
landing.  Seems easy enough to me.

Jimmy (pak33m)

On 2/8/08, Chris Crisafulli <chris_c at linuxsouls.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-02-07 at 21:01 -0500, Jimmy Harris wrote:
> > +1 Gators Dockside
> >
> > Seems like a fun place.  Hope they have something for vegetarians there!
> >
> > On 2/7/08, Chris Crenshaw <crenfinkle at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > oh, another auggestion would be a place called Shelby's Coffee Shoppe in
> > > Neptune Bch. I called them from work and they said they do have wifi and are
> > > open until 9 on sunday. From what I hear, they serve beer and wine, etc. in
> > > addition to coffee and pastries. I've never
> > > been there but it was suggested by someone
> > > who lives out at the beach.
> > >
> > > Shelby's Coffee Shoppe
> > > http://www.200firststreet.com/merchants.htm#Shelbys_Coffee_Shoppe0
> > > 200 1st. St.
> > > 32266
> > > (904)249-2922
> > >  (20 minutes away from UNF)
> Since most of us are going to be getting hotel rooms kind of close
> anyways... why not see if they have any community rooms, or such, and
> reserve one of those. Usually the hotel will have free wi-fi, and hey if
> for some reason it's not very good connectivity we can all get to know
> each other a little better by actually talking (eek!). I can bring a
> projector if someone wants to bring some decent speakers and we can
> watch a movie and order pizza (Pak33m do you eat pizza, we can get one
> without cheese I guess)... (we can take a cooler and fill it with ICE
> and beer/soda).
> This is just a suggestion, but I think it's something that we could all
> enjoy!
> Chris C. (aka itnet7)
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