[ubuntu-florida] Barcamp is Right Around the Corner

Elliot Murphy elliot at canonical.com
Thu Sep 20 18:29:56 BST 2007

On 09/20/2007 10:22 AM, Chris Rohde wrote:
 > Anyway, there are already quite a few of you guys who are going to be
> there. You might want to take this chance to work out a way you can
> identify each other, especially if you are not speaking, and so won't be
> publicly announcing your name. This could be an awesome chance for at
> least a partial team meetup, and it could be fun regardless.

BarCamp is going to be GREAT! I'm still planning to do an Ubuntu
installfest during the day. This can be as simple as providing CDs to
anyone who brings their laptop and wants to try running Ubuntu on it,
and giving a helping hand with diagnosing things like wireless cards.

Even if you are not an expert, you can still help with this by
explaining to people how a LiveCD works, that they can safely boot into
Ubuntu and try things out without destroying anything that already
exists on their computer.

Does anyone have Ubuntu CDs they can bring? Otherwise I'll likely just
have ISOs of the latest Gutsy daily build, since the beta doesn't come
out until next week.

> And along those lines, please *please* bring your cameras with you and
> take some good pics, both of barcamp and of any team members hangin
> out.. could add em to our wiki :)

I'm going to attempt to record at least some of the talks and post on

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