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Ubuntu -- The "Other" Windows
Central Florida News 13
November 16, 2007

> Bill Gates will not like this -- it's the "other" version of Windows --
> and it's free.
> Kurt the Cyberguy shows us how people are avoiding Windows Vista with
> an easy-to-operate, consumer-friendly alternative, called Linux.
> An unexpected cat fight is about to happen in the tech world. You've
> got this huge guy -- Bill Gates -- who for years has dominated the face
> of computers with his Windows operating system.
> From his creation, Microsoft, Gates has earned billions, and the one
> guy shaking up his world -- aside from Steve Jobs from Apple, who
> rattles "the Billster" -- is Mark Shuttleworth, the space-flying
> billionaire who is going up against Gates in a software showdown.
> "Which is: Install the very best of free software, make it available
> for the industry free of charge," Shuttleworth said.
> Yes, Shuttleworth has made a free alternative to Windows. The
> "Ubuntu" software is based on something geeks know well, and now
> everyday people will know better.
> Kurt put this free version to the test on a desktop and laptop -- and
> he said it works well.
> With the ginormous size of Windows Vista, installations have been
> plagued with questions.
> "They are more confused and bewildered at it," one Geek Squad
> spokesman commented. "I think they've never been asked so many
> questions in their life."
> Mention a simple and free alternative to the not-free-at-all
> Microsoft Windows, and Shuttleworth might be on to something.
> "If you call your second cousin, who you know is a bit of a computer
> guy, will he know about Linux?" Shuttleworth asked.
> "Word's creeping out about Linux," the Geek Squad spokesman said.
> "Don't put it away, because it's going to be there for a long time,
> and it will eventually become mainstream enough that you will see it
> in mainstream markets."

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