Flyers (or is it a Leaflet?) for our group

Mike Feravolo eztips at
Thu Mar 15 00:54:12 GMT 2007

Florida Locals:

I was wondering if anyone could design a flyer for our group, which
could be posted in coffee shops or any where else that people would see
it that may be interested in Ubuntu.

We could let people know how to sign up for our group on line and also
promote Ubuntu as the "Linux for People". It should be something that
the people in the advertising trade call "fun", but still make people
understand what we are promoting. 

I noticed that there may also be something that should be called "Bug
Number Two".  Any statement in the flavor of "Linux is just for
engineers" or "Linux is too complex" . . .  . This is just plain BULL !
All things considered Ubuntu doesn't have any more problems then any
other operating system. Except for extreme gaming and problems that are
associated with propriety audio and video formats, there isn't anything
that the average home user can't do with the software that is included
with the Live CD. 

A FAQ list could be developed to point out any possible problems that
the average person may encounter along these lines. I found a page
maintained by some dude at Cornell that is very helpful:

He goes over the things he needed to do to get Ubuntu into a comfortable
configuration. Including getting the MS fonts for open office and
loading the 3-D drivers . . . . 

I just got another ten free live (dapper) CD's and plan to give away as
many as possible. They will go out to the local coffee shops, chamber of
commerce leads groups and maybe some local bars that have Internet
Access. They are free and easy to get all you have to do is ask.

That's All for Now,

Mike Feravolo
1980 N A1A, Cocoa Beach

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