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I knew I Wanted you on the mailing list for a reason! Welcome, Mike! lol.

On 3/10/07, Mike Feravolo <eztips at> wrote:
> Hello Everyone:
> I think right now our main goal is to get as many people into our group
> and then to become an "approved group". As we get more people to join we
> can see what people want to do as far as programming goes and find out
> who is already doing that and if we can help them out. If we come up
> with the next great innovation in open software application software,
> that would be really cool too.
> Bug Number One (a new approach ?)
> One way to address Bug Number One" is see it as not only a problem, but
> also as a possible solution to that same problem.
> Given that; Big Box retail stores are selling systems for as little as
> $500 with windows home, and that most household users are shopping for
> price and don't understand what software licenses are.
> Here's an approach to that:
> Edubuntu is the "educational operating system"; promote it as
> "educational software" that makes learning fun for the "kids".  I have
> been looking at this distribution as a gateway into the household
> computing market.
> So you just let them know that they can keep windows and have this great
> "educational software" too. All they have to do is pick which one they
> want to use when they turn their computer on.
> Since they also make up the majority of the personal computer market,
> the key Bug Number One to get the household users to switch to Linux.
> Note: Forget terms like "dual-boot" or other things that will scare
> them.
> Growing the Group:
> I have been trying to contact people at the University of Central
> Florida to find out how to get the word out around campus about our
> group. I talked to our Chamber of Commerce contact for the UCF alumni
> paper, but you have to be one to place an announcement. Other wise you
> have to buy an ad and they aren't cheap. My alumni association will run
> something about me if I tell them but I went to school in New England.
> Although I am not the only one to move to Florida after graduation.
> If anyone is an alumni of a Florida college, tell them about the group.
> I will try to use the college and chamber of commerce channels to spread
> the word. Since all people have to do is sign up on line.
> Well that about all for now
> Mike Feravolo
> Cocoa Beach, Florida
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