Welcome, Mike

Christopher Rohde christopher.rohde at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 12:41:53 GMT 2007

Heya Mike,
Welcome to our diminutive mailing list! Lets hope it doesn't stay small too
While you're here, do you have any ideas as far as goals you'd like to see?
I want to update the wiki, and with goals (aside from growing the team and
addressing Bug #1) we wil have purpose, and with purpose comes an approval
of the Team, and so forth.
What do you think of the Ubuntu-Florida logo Lando made? I like it (even
made it into a badge for Launchpad last night, so we all have the lil badge
Welp, off to work.. welcome aboard.

Christopher Rohde
     w:   863-686-8900
     c:   863-885-1229
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