[ubuntu-florida] Special Interest Groups for the Florida LoCo Teams

Mike Feravolo eztips at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 11 14:13:49 BST 2007


I was giving some thought to the idea of creating groups within our LoCo
to work on special interests related to Ubuntu, Open Source Applications
and the Linux Operating System.

For example; It seems that we already may have a "Crypto" Group that
wants to learn more about to send clandestine messages to each other.
Personally in the friendly environment which encompasses 99% of all real
world computing activities excessive security measures are nothing but a

Groups should also be geographical so there could be a possibility of
meeting in person. From the forum postings it looks like people down
south are trying to get together. I also know that Orlando is another
good central point for the people along the I-4 corridor and the Space

People can be a part of the the geographical and Special Interest
Groups. I don't think that the Association for Computing Machinery are
really going to care about using "Special Interest Group (SIG)" for our
purposes here if any of you are ACM/SIG members.

Also we should do something for the Software Freedom Day thing, since it
would be another thing to count towards office status for our group. At
this point anything that we could do would be cool, there is even a way
to start a Florida Team for "Software Freedom". This could also be a SIG
within our LoCo team.


Mike Feravolo


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