[ubuntu-florida] Florida Loco "Teams"

Mike Feravolo eztips at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 6 12:40:41 BST 2007


I think Martin has a good idea, although "Presentation" might be a
better title for the group of us that are working on graphics design,
art work. Maybe a "News" group/team [or some word that dosen't conflict
with what the LoCo's are called by Ubuntu ] would be a good word for
that tasks:

Here are some "Group" names [ Since we are the "Florida LoCO Team" and
sub-anything is bogus ]:

Systems - Anything that has to do with the Linux Operating System

Art - Graphics Design and anything else the requires Artistic Ability

Wiki - Maintenance of the Wiki and Minutes of the Meeting Minutes

Marketing - Selling Ubuntu to People

I am running out of idea but it would be a good idea to think about what
the tasks are and then refine the names for the groups [or whatever else
we call them].

Anyway I think a "wiki" team to maintain the wiki would be a good start
along with getting the artists together too.

I have mad mu first boot-able USB Linux Stick which will allow to start
working on offering customized Linux configurations to our client base.
These would be based on the specific user requirements, but should also
prove useful for our "systems" group.

Mike Feravolo

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