[ubuntu-florida] Trying to compile kernel driver

Neo-Taoist Techno-Pagan polklug at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 11:29:51 BST 2007

More info - I found this today on http://linux-ata.org/driver-status.html

Promise TX2/TX4
Driver name: sata_promise

Summary: No TCQ. Newer cards support NCQ. Full SATA control including
hotplug and PM on all.

Issue #5: Some boards appear to have PATA as well as SATA ports. PATA is
currently supported only in the libata-dev.git#promise-sata-pata
So I'm guessing that is the majority of my issue. I did read somewhere
that there was some weird issue with port 1&3 and 2&4 being tied
together. Could this be some strange implementation of PATA?

Should I keep trying to compile and use the driver from Promise or
should I switch kernels to something more recent?


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