[ubuntu-florida] Ubuntu Hug Day 08/22/2007

Dan Trevino dantrevino at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 14:39:29 BST 2007

Join the Hug Day
Who can join the Hug Day? Everyone. You don't need to be a developer.
You don't need to know how to code. Everyone is welcome. If you don't
know how to help, then just stop on by and we'll explain everything to

Where to join the Hug Day? Come to #ubuntu-bugs on freenode IRC. Normal
bug squashing activity takes place in #ubuntu-bugs at other times also

The next Hug Day is 22 August 2007, in all timezones. It will take
place in #ubuntu-bugs on Freenode.

We can't stress it enough: everyone can help. So join us for the Hug Day

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