[DC LoCo] Trouble with Java App

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Sorry, I should have clarified. I was just doing some general complaining. I wasn't expecting any assistance with this. The browser basically puts up a message that says "Your operating system is not supported ..." etc. You can see it at http://scopia.f2fl.com

A minor retraction on my prior statement regarding Scopia functioning on Android: it apparently doesn't work on my Android phone, but does work on the Kindle Fire. I knew Amazon tweaked the OS, but I didn't realize they tweaked things that much.

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On 15/03/12 14:47, N.C. Weber wrote:
> Okay, I just gotta vent. My company uses a video conferencing service called Scopia (kinda like Skype, but better). The thing runs through the Web browser. It runs on Windows (natch), Mac, iPad (with a native iOS app), and Android (also through the browser). But it doesn't run on Linux. Why? The thing is coded in Java. All the above operating systems have Java. So, why is Linux the only one that it doesn't work in? I smell discrimination here, plain and simple.

You'll need to describe what happens more than "it doesn't run" if you
want help with this.

I suspect its less discrimination than it is "not a value proposition
for us to test with it", which while unfortunate is understandable for
many businesses.

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