[DC LoCo] apt-get vs. gui update manager

Keith Howell keith.c.howell at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 12:54:45 UTC 2012

I notice that you say you did an 'update' and then a 'upgrade'. The key
thing is that 'update' just downloaded a bundle of new index files from
the repositories.

It is possible that the GUI was running off older index files and could
not tell that there was a new package available.

If you notice this again, you should try an 'apt update' and then run
the GUI again and see if the new packages show up.

You can also chack exactly which repositories are being used by looking
in the /etc/apt/sources.list on each of your machines. Some
distributions have their own custom repositories and could update them
on a different schedule than the main ubuntu ones. Also remember that
10.04 is a LTS release and because of that, I presume that they perform
additional testing on upstream sources before committing them to the
distribution just to make sure there are no problems.


On 03/15/2012 08:25 AM, Marti Martinson wrote:
> Good morning.
> I have a laptop on which I have Peppermint Ice installed. It is a
> Lubuntu derivative which, I am fairly sure, uses some lucid sources. The
> cron package had an update this morning, so I installed it.
> I went to my everyday Linux box (Ubuntu 10.0.4, running LXDE session)
> and ran the GUI Update manager. It did not find any updates. I thought
> that was weird, in that the lucid cron update "should" have been there,
> too.
> I started a terminal and sudo'ed apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. 4
> packages were found.
> Does anyone know a reason why the CLI would show updates but not the
> GUI? Could it have just been I queried AFTER they were uploaded? My
> timing is usually never THAT good.
> Curious, but not concerned, in DC,
> Marti
> PS Thanks, as always.

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