[DC LoCo] 2012.09.09 - Takoma Park Folk Festival / Software Freedom Day

Andres Hidalgo andres.hidalgo at gmail.com
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I'm Andrés, from Spain. I arrived to US few months ago and I speak English
with a lot of errors :-P . If this is not a problem, I can help you on
Sept. 9 at Takoma Park. Perhaps, on September my English will be a little

See you!

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 7:54 PM, Sujit <sjosh.theonlyone at gmail.com> wrote:

> **
> Hi Kevin,
> This is Great news!!!! I was waiting for this since I joined the team. And
> I can totally help with the transportation - car pooling and also to run
> errands while we are there. I was also planning to bring some CDs but
> shipit is dead. :(
> So if someone feels too lazy to drive on a Sunday shoot me an email. FYI
> Ill be coming from Herndon, va.
> Again, thanks Kevin. :)
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> Hi all,
> It's been a busy summer for me with three conferences in July (and a visit
> to Free Geek while I was in Portland).  I've JUST now gotten around to
> registering both with Takoma Park Folk Festival for a Community Table, and
> with Sofware Freedom Day for swag. I may be too late on the later. (The
> official swag deadline is tomorrow, but materials will be sent "pending
> availability".) SFD wanted a team size and I told them there'd be six of us.
> This year's shenanigans fall on Sunday, September 9. So, who's in?  And
> what equipment, transportation, CDs, flyer printing, etc can you help with?
> Also in the works is another Broadband Bridge DISCOvering TECHnology
> (Disco Tech) Fair for September, though planning for that has yet to begin.
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