[DC LoCo] thoughts on recovering from power off during distro upgrade?

Dan Chen seven.steps at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 17:21:43 UTC 2011

2011/10/19 Frank J. Gómez <frank at crop-circle.net>:
> I followed that up with a reboot, and it seems the boot gets stuck in the
> same place as before I ran the above-mentioned commands.  The last line on
> my screen is:
> * Starting TiMidity++ ALSA midi emulation... [OK]

Try booting to a recovery console and removing the timidity package.

> (Ah yes, I did install UbuntuStudio at some point, didn't I...)
> After that it just hangs.  I can still switch to another console, but a
> normal boot would be nice.  I'm not sure what the problem is, or which log
> to check for hints (syslog, maybe?).  Do y'all think this is salvageable, or
> should I just restore my pre-upgrade images and try again?

Yes, it appears salvageable; no, you should not (at this stage)
restore to a known-good backup. Look in /var/log/dmesg for starters.


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