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Wed Sep 15 16:00:37 BST 2010

Future employment opportunities and/or stock options await, I'm sure. ;-)

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Subject: Sweetness of Linux

1. The little powerhouse Terra HD has been performing well in the
field. See Ubuntu Tips and Tricks Mackenzie Morgan reviewing a red
Terra HD. We have several other current reviews posted on product
pages, but the Terra HD has been a sweetheart lately. We are thrilled
to see such a solid little laptop making new Linux users happy.

2. Our CEO ran into Rikki Kite, one of our friends at Linux Journal
while at a conference. Rikki kindly offered to send extra magazines to
include with our shipments as a free gift. The magazines sell for
$15.99 Ubuntu User, $9.99 Linux Pro, and $15.99 Admin: Network and
Security. That's a sweet gift! Thanks Rikki!

Note: One customer asked, "Where's the string attached? Are you
sharing my personal information?" Our reply, "Heck, no! Sharing
personal information is creepy. Ew." Rest assured that your private
information stays private.

3. In the desktop category, both the Limbo and the Breeze lines remain
super strong. The Limbo is the massive powerhouse machine that has
ultra aggressive competitive pricing and the Breeze, also a
lower-than-anywhere-else value, but most known for it's sleek
power-per-square-inch small form factor case.

Let us know if there is any way we can assist you in building great
Linux-only hardware for your home, your office, your friend's home,
your friend's office, wherever. Thanks!

--the team at ZaReason

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