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Man, I just had a private fail party yesterday, just me and my intern.  It was a Gateway MA2.  Seems to be some kind of video card issue.  Couldn't get through the LIveCD -- it would die on the Ubuntu logo.  Lubuntu LiveCD failed too.  Went with the alternate installer and got it to install, but on reboot the Ubuntu logo would choke it every time.  Couldn't figure out how to get to the CLI from the alternate CD to try anything (my stab in the dark was that this was the KMS issue referenced in the release notes), so...

... I had the intern install XP.  Oh, shame!I got Lucid installed on HP Proliant DL145 G2 by using the "nopat" boot 
option.  I think there is a bug in the PAT (Page Attribute Table) code. 

PAT support has been around for some time but it wasn't enabled in the kernel config until Karmic.  To see if it's enabled run:

dmesg | grep PAT[^A]

Also see this bug report:


Although the issue is more widespread than just graphics.



To use "nopat" when the installation CD boots up right after you select the language option press F6 and then press Esc and type: nopat
then press Enter.

More about using boot options here:


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