[DC LoCo] Anyone else at tomorrow's DC Community Broadband Summit?

jerry w jerrywone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 16:41:07 BST 2010

My guess is the DC and any VA and/or MD equivalents,
that may or may not exist, are public comment generators
as required by law for assigning government contracts,
mostly ignored, and some required negligible contributions
to the community (read tax payers and voters)
for the big fat cats in the comm business...

but I'm a pessimist

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 10:57 AM, Kevin Cole <dc.loco at gmail.com> wrote:
> Assuming a roughly parallel universe, those of you on the Confederate
> side of the river may want to start your search here:
> http://www.arlingtonva.us/Departments/TechnologyServices/TechnologyServicesMain.aspx
> and http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/TechnologyServices/arlingtonwireless.aspx
> That seems to be the closest parallel to DC-OCTO (ours being
> http://octo.dc.gov/DC/OCTO/ and http://dcnet.dc.gov/).  So, shame them
> into action if they're not already moving forward on such stuff.
> Taunts about "Those folks with no representation in Congress are
> beating us up" etc. And of course if worse comes to worse, you can
> always unleash our secret weapon...
> So, Flint, when are you next headed south? ;-)
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Jerry W

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