[DC LoCo] joint Debian/Ubuntu gathering Sat. Oct. 9, 4 pm at Taste of India

Aaron M. Ucko ucko at debian.org
Fri Oct 8 19:49:49 BST 2010

[Resending from my Debian address, with the Debian list actually Cc:ed
this time, and subscription directions linked to.  Sorry for the
duplication, Christian and Paul!]

Kevin Cole <dc.loco at gmail.com> writes:

> express a preference for keeping it MOSTLY at Taste of India... ;-) And,
> beyond a preference, an edict to make sure it's close to Metrorail.

That's reasonable; if we do mix it up, I would further suggest
occasionally meeting in Virginia or Maryland to better accommodate
anyone living or otherwise coming from there.  (I live in DC -- Woodley
Park, in fact -- but often spend most of the weekend in Montgomery
County; I conveniently had no such plans this weekend, though.)

> P.S. Please forward to area-washington-dc at teams.debian.net, since they seem
> to be part of the converation and I'm not on that list.

You are welcome to subscribe or post anyway; the list allows anyone to
post (modulo general spam filtering, which has been working out pretty
well so far) but is pretty low-volume on average (albeit with spikes
such as this thread).  You can find subscription directions at
http://wiki.debian.org/LocalGroups#DC-Washington .

That said, Mackenzie already forwarded your latest message per your
request, so please don't reforward it. ;-)

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