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Fri Feb 12 18:41:45 GMT 2010

Looks like the preferred date from conference organizers is tomorrow for
tabling. I've already written back saying that so far, more people have
weighed in for Sunday.  If I'm wrong about that, pipe up fast.

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Hey Kevin,

The show will go on. We were actually hoping for tabling tomorrow and
unconference workshops on Sunday. Would that work out for you?


On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 12:53 PM, Kevin Cole <kjcole at dc.sugarlabs.org>wrote:

> Hi,
> Given the snow, I wasn't sure if the show would go on.  The latest word
> appears to be yes.  I've been in touch with the OLPC Learning Club and the
> Ubuntu DC LoCo, and it looks like we're good for tabling on Sunday -- that
> is, if it's still an option.  As for an unconference-style workshop, that
> remains to be seen.  However, isn't that how unconferences work?
> I intend to be there both days, but that's subject to the whims of snow,
> Metro, milady, etc.
> --
> Kevin Cole
> Sugar Labs DC
> Washington, DC

Kevin Donovan
Georgetown '11: SFS

Kevin Cole
Sugar Labs DC
Washington, DC
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