[DC LoCo] Verizon changes

Marti Martinson arthur.martinson at verizon.net
Wed Sep 23 00:55:59 BST 2009

Hello, and good evening. I am using Ubuntu 9.04, Evolution mail app, and
verizon.net DSL. The DSL modem was set up under Windows XP with a
Verizon install CD, but I later bought a pre-installed Ubuntu box. I
only needed to connect all the peripherals (monitor, dsl, keyboard,
mouse, speakers) and all has been well for 2+ years.

Question for any verizon dsl users: I have gotten word from them that
port 25 is to be blocked. The site:


gives steps to set-up Thunderbird. I TRULY have gone through the
Preferences in Evo and cannot find where to put port 587 (their change).
Does anyone else use verizon.net and Ubuntu? Have you done this set-up?



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