[DC LoCo] A user asks: OpenOffice.org delete to trash?

Lucas Moten lucas.moten at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 04:50:55 GMT 2009

Well this was some fun exploration.  I hadn't yet taken a look at OpenOffice
source code before.  I never realized it was built on a hodgepodge of
multiple programming languages.

It appears as though this is currently hard coded in the dialog and
eventually routes to the universal content broker (UCB)

See the dialog logic itself here

Line 874: The context menu is created with the DELETE and RENAME options
(resource strings in localize.sdf)
Line 899: Clicking delete calls into DeleteEntries()
Line 918: DeleteEntries() defined, which prompts the user to confirm (920)
Line 925: Provided they didn't cancel, it'll iterate whatever they have
Line 958: The call to remove the file, Kill(), following lines appear to
remove the entries from the dialog
Line 1089: Kill() defined, calling UCB with the actual delete command.

The UCB is written in java, and there are alot of places that call into it.
UCB ends up routing the delete call through another object implementing

While UCB does the final routing for the eventual action, I'm not sure I'd
recommend any mods there.  It may be better to explicitly accomodate sending
to the trash from the dialog itself so as not to have all delete actions
throughout the app end up just moving files.  I've no idea how
OpenOffice.org handles any temporary files created, and I am in favor of
Trash/Recycle Bins being directly tied to individual user actions and not
general program operation.  So going the route of altering the dialog, Maybe
the confirmation dialog could be modified to ask if they want to send to
trash and then setup a separate method to do so.

That said, maybe a bug/wish needs to be opened with OpenOffice.org for this


On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 7:16 PM, Kevin Cole <dc.loco at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> One of my library patrons has stumped me: Coming from a Windows & Word
> environment, he's become used to the idea that he can use the "File /
> Open" menu as his file manager.  He wants to continue to do so from
> OpenOffice.org.  However, from the Ubuntu file manager (Nautilus?
> Dolphin?) right-click offers a "Move to Trash" whereas in OpenOffice
> (with the Option: "OpenOffice.org / General / Use OpenOffice.org
> dialogs" selected) right-click gives "Delete" and deletes permanently
> rather than using the trash.
> Is there a way to encourage it to use the trash?
> (If "Use OpenOffice.org dialogs" is unchecked, right-click doesn't
> offer "Delete" or "Move to trash".)
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