[DC LoCo] A user asks: OpenOffice.org delete to trash?

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 00:16:43 GMT 2009


One of my library patrons has stumped me: Coming from a Windows & Word
environment, he's become used to the idea that he can use the "File /
Open" menu as his file manager.  He wants to continue to do so from
OpenOffice.org.  However, from the Ubuntu file manager (Nautilus?
Dolphin?) right-click offers a "Move to Trash" whereas in OpenOffice
(with the Option: "OpenOffice.org / General / Use OpenOffice.org
dialogs" selected) right-click gives "Delete" and deletes permanently
rather than using the trash.

Is there a way to encourage it to use the trash?

(If "Use OpenOffice.org dialogs" is unchecked, right-click doesn't
offer "Delete" or "Move to trash".)

Ubuntu Linux DC LoCo
Washington, DC

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