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Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 20 23:19:15 GMT 2009

curtis schell wrote:
> I'm trying to reset my password. I hit esc at grub, I chose my boot
> kernel and hit "e", I choose my kernel option and hit "e", I remove �ro
> quiet splash� and type rw init=/bin/bash and hit "enter", I the press
> "b" at root I type passwd <username> (username being my user name) and
> it says my username is not reconized. Help!!!
> anyone have any suggestions?

In a typical Ubuntu setup you shouldn't need to go through editing the
kernel options.  Unless you've explicitly deleted it, the grub menu should
offer a "recovery mode" for each kernel you have installed.  I'd opt for
that, as it is likely to properly mount anything that needs to be mounted,
and set up the appropriate paths for stuff.

Then the "passwd username" should get you somewhere. If not, find out why with:

  $ cd /etc
  $ grep username passwd
  $ grep username shadow
  $ grep username group

You should get at least one hit for each of those greps.
The first should give you something akin to mine:

kjcole:x:1001:1001:Kevin Cole,,,:/home/kjcole:/bin/bash


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