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Barcamp is coming up, I'd like to encourage everyone to attend (wearing
Ubuntu shirts) and many to present topics related to Ubuntu - that is to
say, attend as a LoCo function.

I'm putting together a presentation on using Ubuntu for public terminals,
such as at libraries.  I'll cover "guest" accounts (temporary accounts which
are deleted when they log out), setting up a network fileserver for home
directories and giving every patron a username, LTSP, and success stories.
If someone would like to do this with me I'd love to collaborate.

It'd be awesome if others came prepared to present on a general introduction
to Ubuntu and free software, Edubuntu, GIMP and Inkscape, etc.  There's
countless Ubuntu-promoting subjects you can present on, and first time
attendees are expected to present at Barcamps anyway ;-)

There's going to be many librarians from the DC Public Library attending so
this is a great opportunity to network and help get Ubuntu available at all
district libraries.*

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November 14th

9:30am - 5:30pm

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library


BarCamp DC is an ad-hoc unconference (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference) and is part of the larger BarCamp
(http://barcamp.org/) movement. Topics are suggested for discussions, but
there is no set agenda until everyone gathers. Attendees are required to
participate to some degree: either by leading a discussion, showing a demo,
or by creating another type of collaborative session.  The event can feature
discussions, demos, presentations and interaction from participants. Most of
the regular attendees of BarCamp are developers/designers/geeks/ and social
media minds from the greater DC area. Expected attendance is about 250. The
only stipulations from the organizers are:

* Powerpoint is BANNED. That means NO SLIDES. This variable is meant to
encourage active conversation rather than passive presentations.
* Sessions must focus on something you're passionate about.
* We've created a Twitter Swear Jar - each time you reference Twitter in a
session you will have to contribute $1 as a common donation to the Capital
Area Food Bank. Feel free to abuse this rule - one dollar can serve 5 meals!

Patrick Timony

Adaptive Technology Librarian

District of Columbia Public Library

Adaptive Services Division, Room 215

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

901 G Street, NW, 20001

patrick.timony at dc.gov

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