[DC LoCo] "Gut feeling" desired from the experts, on a pseudo Lubuntu install

Marti Martinson arthur.martinson at verizon.net
Tue Nov 3 22:51:30 GMT 2009

Well, if I would have just waited a day until the distrowatch newsletter
came out about Ubuntu:

One promising Ubuntu variant missing from the distribution's product
line-up last week was Lubuntu - an Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop.


Additionally, if you want to test a minimal installation of Lubuntu then
install a command-line system with an Ubuntu alternate ISO and install
lubuntu-desktop. Lubuntu 9.10 is more of a prototype than a real
release, more will come with Lucid Lynx - new shiny packages, new
artwork, and maybe new default applications. If you want to help, all
information is available on the Wiki page, and on the mailing list."


Good things come to those who wait.


On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 15:56 -0500, Marti Martinson wrote:
> With respect to the new Lubuntu (*buntu + LXDE) derivative not being
> installable yet:
> There is a very nice web site about the Minimal Install CD:
> http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/minimal
> At the end of the page, there are some terminal commands that install a
> very minimal set of apps after the OS has been installed. Is it crazy to
> think that, using those commands as a guide, the following would work?
> sudo apt-get install xorg gksu lxde lubuntu-desktop
> (lxde is a "meta" package, so I gather it must bring along whatever it
> needs, like a terminal, hopefully!)
> It seems, using that site as a guide, that it might work, but before I
> go out and buy an old refurb PC and screw it up, I would appreciate any
> evaluation, or "gut feeling". Thanks. I am just "thinking" about this
> right now.....
> A VA/MD seller named PCRetro, once named in this group, has some
> inexpensive refurbs.
> Marti

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