[DC LoCo] Reminder: 03/10 - 03/12 - Tux.org, the Ubuntu LoCo, and a couple of XO's at the FOSE Convention

Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 4 17:56:47 GMT 2009

Hey gang,

Here's the official blurb from Tux.org:

> Tux.org and the area's LUGs will be at FOSE
> again this year! FOSE is the premier meeting
> and solutions marketplace for government
> technology today. FOSE features groundbreaking
> education, smart solutions and unparalleled
> networking events and programs. Discover what
> FOSE is all about at www.FOSE.com.
> Tux.org is currently looking for volunteers
> (http://cyberigor.com/fose) to help make this
> another success! Even if you can't join us in
> the booth, be sure to plan a trip to FOSE and
> drop by to say hello!

Unfortunately, I was a bit late getting the word out. So, getting your
"stinking badges" may take more waiting in line than if you'd gotten them
in advance.  C'est la vie.  Also, I seem to recall some weird age limit
thing regarding participation at the booth...  (Maybe one of the previous
young participants can weigh in on that subject.) So, to whom it may apply,
make sure your fake IDs are in order. ;-)

I'll only be there on Wednesday (and Sunday's "load-in"). In addition to
bringing my remaining stock of Hardy CD's I'll be bringing one or two XO
laptops as they were a real hit at the booth last year...  Jerry W. brought
one as well last year.

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