[DC LoCo] Bugjam Information

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 14:33:32 GMT 2009

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 22:05, Brian Curtis <briancurtis.wx at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am inquiring about the plans for this years bugjam.  Although I have been
> doing some bug triage for a little while now, i know that bugjams are a
> learning session too and i would definitely look forward to it.

To the best of my knowledge, Mackenzie, Dan and Luke are interested in
the bug jam.  I myself am (a) not particularly sure what I'd do and
more importantly (b) extremely busy.  I made noise about offering
space at Gallaudet, but haven't seriously paid enough attention to the
date(s).  Assuming 5 people, and non-business hours, I'm thinking my
office's work room would be okay.  However, it would be mostly
wireless as there aren't that many wired ports in the room.  (I
suppose you could bring your own cables and router to expand that

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