[DC LoCo] Asking for your opinion/experience on plugins

Marti Martinson arthur.martinson at verizon.net
Tue Feb 3 00:05:22 GMT 2009

I am running Ubuntu 8.10 on a desktop box (from the now defunct
madtux.org) that had it pre-installed at 7.10. I am not a gamer,
programmer, nor audio-video enthusiast. Web, email, word processing,
some genealogy.....only very basic stuff. (My workstation at work is a
SUN. I know Linux is more stable than Windoze.)

Of course, I have the SUN java and Adobe flash plugins for Firefox. I
have only VERY briefly read about issues with the fully open source
options of the cacao/icedtea java and swfdec/gnash flash plugins. I
tried gnash once and it did not work - but that was over a year ago.

Doe anyone have any comments, good OR bad, about the alternate plugins?

I'm fairly certain that I can get through either the apt-get or synaptic
GUI to install them. Not asking for THAT help.....Though my inability to
get sound on a laptop might force me to PAY (or lunch/beer) for that.

Hoping you survive the coming weather,


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