[DC LoCo] TPFF: OLPC CD's, OpenDisc CD's OpenEducationDisc CD's

Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 12 16:18:56 BST 2008

[May overly aggressive spam filter gods let this message through...]

Just a quick note regarding TPFF.  I burned 31 OLPC XO Live CD's last
night, and had enough labels for 16 of them.  If anyone's inclined to print
the last 15 color labels and bring a "label putter-on-er thingie" as Jen
might say, to the festival, lemme know and I can send you the image.  (And
if you're inclined to burn more CD's yourself, the latest image appears to
be at:


(The cover art is included in the root directory of the CD itself.)

Maco's burning a small boatload of OpenDiscs and OpenEducationDiscs.
(Software Freedom Day HQ shipped four of those to me, with nicely painted
label surfaces.) The labels for those are monochrome (unlike the XO's label).

Jeff (or anyone else), can you swing by my place w/ wheels and help with
the boxes and banner?  If not, I can *probably* manage.

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