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Opensource FTW!

James Hancock

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Subject: OpenSource Hits the Baking World
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Hey James,

I hope all is well.

I just saw this and thought you might find it interesting.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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Date: Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 11:26 AM
Subject: OpenSource Hits the Baking World


OpenSource is hitting the baking world with OpenSource Cupcakes, soon
to open from Philadelphia, PA.

Quotes from the proprietors:
Being involved in the Philadelphia tech community, I heard the open
source concept tossed around daily. Sharing with others,
communication, making things better. That certainly can be applied to

Katie and I started baking cupcakes because they're cute, portable,
and fun to decorate. But after the first few batches of vanilla with
chocolate frosting and chocolate with vanilla frosting I was stuck.
Having art backgrounds instead of a baking one, we felt a little
unprepared to be making cupcakes willy-nilly from scratch. We started
looking through big overwhelming baking books for new recipes without
much success, so we turned to the ever useful, universal tool: Google.
However, although some people were generously sharing their recipes
and wonderful photos, the information scattered and there wasn't a
whole lot of conversation going on. Katie and I thought there should
be more, a place where we could easily find cupcake recipes that
others have tried and maybe some tips and variations. Let's face it,
staring at eggs, flour and milk is just as scary as a blank canvas and

It's time to open source the cupcake. Baking support, new ideas and
place where cupcake lovers and bakers alike can communicate.

Open Source Cupcakes is run by Katie Regenye, Dana Vachon and Jessica
Victor out of Philadelphia, PA.

Jenn Sedik
Imaginary Landscape
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