[DC LoCo] Ubuntu for Libraries

Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 18 21:54:27 GMT 2008

Martin Owens wrote:

> Does anyone know of a distro of ubuntu tailored for Libraries? We've got
> interested parties, although a lot of features are similar to cyber cafe
> computer terminal features.

Howard County library system, in MD uses Groovix, an Ubuntu derivative:


(On one or more of the Ubuntu Live CD's in the ~/Desktop/examples/
directory there's a case study of the Howard County library deployment.  I
forget which species of release I saw it on.  It's probably on several

Jim? Mann (oldcomputermann) has a series of YouTube videos about how he set
up Edubuntu for libraries in Ohio (I forget exactly where):


Takoma Park Library in Takoma Park, MD is using a flavor of Linux though I
believe it is not Ubuntu.

Hope that gives you some leads.
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