[DC LoCo] Computer reuse

Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 30 22:45:13 BST 2008

Greg Reagle wrote:
> My house is full of older yet functional computers.  If anyone wants any
> let me know.  If I can be part of some kind of re-use or re-selling
> project please let me know.  I will need to test these computers first
> since I am not sure that they work fine.  I am fine with installing
> Ubuntu before moving them out.  I have to erase Windows in any case.  I
> also have CRT monitors.  Does anyone think that installing Xubuntu is a
> good idea for older computers?  Has anyone tried Xubuntu 8.04?

I haven't played much with Xubuntu of any vintage, and have not tried 
Xubuntu 8.04 at all.  I hear good things about both it and "Fluxbuntu," 
though the later has no official ties to Ubuntu.

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