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Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 27 22:14:56 BST 2008

Sanjay Jain wrote:
> Hi,
> I've bee talking to the owner of greatergoods.com about using his shop
> as a computer  recycling center. He's a fan of FOSS but not convinced that
> others will accept it,  having said that he's fine with us installing Ubuntu.
> The idea is that people drop off system at his place, he'll provide some
> shelving  space, plus 1 desk for a demo sysytem. We fix them up and re-sell
> them in the shop,  or arrange to give them away. I prefer resell myself.
> We discussued not taking CRTs, but we could look at that if we got the
> recycling  bit sorted out, and charged a little for that. Actually we need
> to get the recycling  sorted out regardless, as there'll be stuff we can't
> use.
> I understand Ryme at the People's Media center is interested in doing this
> too, but  this location is pretty good. And a fully functioning shop. And I
> suppose there's  no reason we can't do both and/or work together in some way.
> What say yee?

Ooo.  I've been passing Greater Goods on my bike commute home, and had been 
meaning to stop by.   Looks like tonight's as good a night as any. ;-) 
Owner's name, please?

Also, on a somewhat related note: We owe a computer to Eco-Green Living 
(formerly known as Future Green).  A couple of years ago, I gave them some 
CD's and tried getting Linux to work on their equipment.  Suffice it to 
say, it was a bit problematic, and the computer was at their cash register. 
  I didn't have much opportunity to work on it while Keith Ware and his 
wife Donna were trying to sell retail around me.  Keith also gave me an 
ancient laptop which I put Damn Small Linux (DSL) on, but even that was 
pretty sucky in terms of performance.  Not at all a ringing endorsement. 
Then, bad me, I sorta forgot about them.  So, it might be nice to try 
again. Good people.  Keith was also running for city council on the 
Green/Statehood Party ticket a few years ago. Find them at:

Eco-Green Living
1469 Church Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20005

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