[DC LoCo] FOSS - Computer reuse at U st

Sanjay Jain oss.cleveland at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 27 21:53:40 BST 2008


I've bee talking to the owner of greatergoods.com about using his shop as a computer recycling center. He's a fan of FOSS but not convinced that others will accept it, having said that he's fine with us installing Ubuntu.

The idea is that people drop off system at his place, he'll provide some shelving space, plus 1 desk for a demo sysytem. We fix them up and re-sell them in the shop, or arrange to give them away. I prefer resell myself. 

We discussued not taking CRTs, but we could look at that if we got the recycling bit sorted out, and charged a little for that. Actually we need to get the recycling sorted out regardless, as there'll be stuff we can't use.

I understand Ryme at the People's Media center is interested in doing this too, but this location is pretty good. And a fully functioning shop. And I suppose there's no reason we can't do both and/or work together in some way.

What say yee?



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