[DC LoCo] 'buntu CD requests

Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 2 14:12:40 BST 2008

ffm wrote:
> Kevin,
> I'm putting in a request for 30 (32b, desktop) and 5 (64b, desktop) via 
> ship-it. I wanted to coordinate with you to make sure I wasn't 
> duplicating effort.

You are... The CD's are in my office.  See below:
                           > Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 21:07:42 -0400
 > From: "Kevin Cole" <dc.loco at gmail.com>
 > To:   "Ubuntu Linux DC LoCo Team" <ubuntu-us-dc at lists.ubuntu.com>
 > Subj: Please read and discuss: Hardy (8.04) CD's on order.

Greetings Earthlings,

The following Hardy CD's have been ordered as per the official rules
for LoCo's getting 'em.

* Ubuntu: PC: 230, AMD64: 20
* Kubuntu: PC: 30, AMD64: 15
* Edubuntu: PC: 10
* Server PC: PC: 30
* Server 64bit: PC: 15
* KDE4 Remix: PC: 50

The official word is "delivery within two weeks after the Hardy release 

As RBDF? (Reluctant Benevolent Dictator For ???) I dictate the following. 
(Do you take dictation?)

   * Food / Drink / Meet.  We need to discuss...

       Rio Grande
       4301 Fairfax Dr
       Arlington, VA 22203
       (703) 528-3131

       If we meet M-F, not before 7:00, please.  On weekends, any time
       other than Saturday 12:00 - 4:00 (with a wee bit o' notice).

   * Reserve some for People's Media Center
   * Reserve some for Cleveland Park Library
   * Reserve some for Arlington Public Schools
   * Reserve LOTS for the Takoma Park Folk Festival (TPFF)
   * Unload the rest (if unclaimed) fairly quickly

Makenzie, Nick: TPFF... We distributed over 150 right?  (I'm remembering 
something like 160-180.  I may have those numbers in an old message.)

Everywhere else, I doubt we topped 50, though we may have gotten close.

So, lets try to balance expedient distribution with not running too short 
at TPFF.

My thinking on this is: If People's Media Center, or APS [YHS in original 
message -- KJC] run short, they (or one of us) can probably burn CD's to 
satisfy, as they're already converts -- and have their own "local talent" 
and equipment to spare.  So they're a bit more self-reliant. Individuals 
from those groups (and this list) can also get their jollies by order a 
10-pack directly from ShipIt. For Cleveland Park Library and especially for 
TPFF, we're still "talking to the great unwashed" and/or "winning hearts 
and minds" and it would be nice to put Ubuntu's best face forward: Slick 
CD's in slick covers.  Plus that a TPFF table costs money and is several 
hours all concentrated with one purpose.  Without CD's there, I doubt it's 
worth the table space or the moving hassle of getting a van, etc.

Ubuntu Linux DC LoCo
Washington, DC

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