[DC LoCo] Thinking ahead: 2009.06.28 - 2009.07.01, Washington DC: National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)

Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Tue Jul 29 00:44:45 BST 2008

> I saw that the dc.ubuntu site hasn't been updated in a while. Do you all 
> still meet?

Ah, yes.  The site's gotten a bit stale.  Any takers on fancying it up?

We were never big on the meeting thing and those were always about 
organizing events, though I've occasionally made noise here suggesting we 
try to get back to that at least.  (Early on we'd meet and eat, usually 
near Ballston metro.  Now, I think several of the "core" members are split 
between several groups and don't find the time.)  So, activity mostly takes 
place on this list.

However, I'm open to meeting ideas -- provided they're reasonably metro 
accessible and after 6:00.

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