[DC LoCo] Adventures in Damn Small Linux (DSL)

ARTHUR MARTINSON arthur.martinson at verizon.net
Sat Jan 5 03:46:59 GMT 2008

The memory I just bought (1GB for notebook) has gone bad. It ran for one 
evening and today the laptop would not boot, so I removed the extra RAM 
and all is well....back at 256MB. At least the CPU is 2.8GHz. I went 
online and found a 256MB (PC2700 DDR333); just $15 so I may as well try. 
Best Buy did refund the 1GB.

Now that I know Xubuntu is out, it does look like fluxbuntu or 
ubuntulite. But just wanted to share that the embedded DSL (in a qemu(?) 
virtual player) is rather nifty.


(the embedded.zip file)

There is an article here:


Maybe old hat to you guys.....Have a great weekend.


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