[DC LoCo] PC Retro and the People's Nuclear Free Republic of Takoma Park

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 00:20:54 GMT 2008

Follow-up from Chris Scott, CEO of PC Retro:

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information.   Today is day 1
of this project for us, I have sat down with the technicians who are
unfamiliar with Ubuntu, but are keen to learn and embrace.   We are
starting with the disks that you gave me and will load the 8.04 onto
the machines we have chosen which is a Dell GX 280, 2.8ghz, 512mb and
40g hard drive.   For
simplicity we are setting up with a CD rom and will progress to
different machines with the CDRW and DVD once we get familiar and
comfortable using it, also to gauge the response by customers.

My intention is to get these machines into our stores this week, we
will be pricing them at $99, I will include the details in our
advertising we run in the Washington Post Express publication.   We
will also set it up to run on demonstration machines at the stores so
people can see what it looks like and how it behaves.

Initially I foresee the response being from enthusiasts who hear about
us selling Linux based machines again, word gets around quickly.
Eventually I hope we can gather enough confidence in the sales staff
we have to convince our more regular shoppers to try Linux and
subsequently introduce them to the user groups and forums.   We can
then look to try putting it onto
different machines with higher and even perhaps some with lower specs
to give people options.   At some point I would like to get our
servers loaded with a version.

Once we have got it up, I will send you all a link to the unit on our web site.

Many thanks and regards

Christopher Scott
CEO, PC Retro

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