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I haven't done any work yet with DC LoCo mainly because of time and locations. I live in Prince George's County and this maybe a good fit for me to get my feet wet. If Scott can give out more info. like the location of the lab, and what types of computers needed, etc., I may be able to help build the lab.

Also, if anyone have computers to donate, maybe I can pick them up, prep them, and build a network for the lab.


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Sanjay Jain wrote:

> Scott,
> Please don't refuse the grant entirely, get them to pay
> something ($100 per system?), then use the money for
> other stuff... like funding the green festival table :) 

I think several of us (myself included) misread that message the first
time.  Scott didn't decline ACCEPTING the money.  He declined GIVING it,
but offered the requester an alternative. His organization is in a position
to give out grants but the request wasn't a good match for their funds.

I'm still somewhat up for it, being primarily constrained by transportation
issues...  And I'll have to figure out exactly when I can do it.  'T'would
be nice to have several hands on board for stuff like this, though.

>> In my day job, I got a request for a grant for a organization
>> in Prince George's County to buy hardware for a computer
>> lab for youth developing career skills. That kind of grant
>> is outside our mission scope, but I thought the requestor's
>> need was a good opportunity for repurposed hardware and FOSS,
>> specifically Ubuntu Linux.
>> When I declined the grant, I asked if a free and open-
>> source alternative would be of interest; she replied
>> affirmatively. Is setting up and training for 6-station
>> lab something the LoCo might be up for doing?

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