[DC LoCo] Experience with CMS? And minimum usable specs forUbuntu

Jeremy Caverly jeremyc4 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 14:52:46 BST 2008

I would second the endorsement of Drupal. WordPress is even simpler if you want to have something others can administer even. There's some cool and easy tricks to make it act more like a CMS and less like a blog. Little less control of permissions I think. It sounds like you could even get away with a private Google Group or Google Apps for Small Business. 

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I've had great experience with Drupal: It's easy to run, access
control is easy and fairly detailed. You could learn it by poking
around with it. As for Ubuntu's system requirements, to really run
well, you'd need Pentium 3's with 256MB of RAM, and more is better. Of
course, for wireless access, you'd need wireless cards, which probably
would run you 30 bucks each (and make sure you get ones with Linux

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 4:04 PM, Lucas Moten <lucas.moten at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I joined this group a few months back, and have stuck in the shadows as a
> lurker.  While I haven't met any of you yet, I feel that this mailing list
> may be a useful resource to a problem (or set of) I'm currently working on.
> For the past few years I have been working on finishing up my Bachelor's
> degree.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I plan to complete it at the
> end of this year as I have only 2 courses remaining.  As part of the current
> course I'm taking, I need to devise an IT solution for a company or
> organization.  I decided to work on something for my homeowners association,
> which currently has no formal IT solution in place.  The short version of
> where things stand now is as follows:
>     - The association is small, just over a dozen home owners, and
> therefore, the operating budget is quite limited
>     - Information for the association is predominately kept in paper format
>     - Some information is digitized, for example, meeting minutes and
> financial data, but kept on individual personal computers
>     - Not all home owners have access to a computer at home, let alone
> internet access.
>     - Except for myself, none of the users use Linux, and at least one
> homeowner has indicated that they have resorted to using their Apple iPhone
> for web browsing since disposing of their spyware/virus infected Windows box
> a year or so ago.
>     - All board members have access to computers and internet from work and
> home
>     - Homeowners have expressed concern about timely access to information
>     - Information is for the most part, stored on site, which creates
> considerable risk in terms of disaster recovery (ie, right now there is no
> recovery possible in the case of say .. fire)
> Given the current state of organization and IT infrastructure, or lack
> thereof, this leaves many possibilities such as the following
>     - Planning and implementing a website, likely using an open-source
> content management system
>     - Establishing a local network for the association providing internet
> access for those that don't have it at home
>     - Setting up training and procedures for use of open source software
> like Ubuntu, Open Office, and Scribus within the environment
> I think attacking all of these at once would be overly ambitious. I've been
> focusing on a content management system in the short term which will help
> the board of directors for the association manage the affairs of the
> association, while contemplating getting homeowners computers to access it
> from home.  While I work on a plan to address these issues, I'm curious if
> anyone on the list has and would be willing to share experience about...
>     1) Implementing a CMS for an organization - Particularly Joomla, Drupal,
> Daisy or OpenCMS.  I've looked at demos for each of these, but am most
> interested in what anyone has to say about
>         a) Access Control - How granular can it be, and ease of
> configuration
>         b) Skins and Templates - creating/implementing at a
> site/section/page/document type level
>         c) Ease of defining custom document/content types to provide fields
> for consistent information
>         d) Ease of extending with prebuilt plugins and modules, as well as
> custom development
>         e) Backing up data from a remote machine for safe storage.
>     2) Migrating from one CMS to another - Is anyone aware of any tools for
> doing this, should the need ever arise?
>     3) Any perceive

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