[DC LoCo] Re; Web Site and SFD

Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 14 17:13:03 BST 2007

Because they were created w/ lots of absolute links
and DNS propagation has not taken place yet, the site's
going to be rather broken for a few days unless your
/etc/hosts files are changed and you're not running
some sort of squid/caching system.  (Unfortunately,
my work site is behind a caching firewall, and so it's
ignoring my /etc/hosts in favor of what it believes
to be the correct address.  And yes, I could override,
but I think I'll just wait.  So, I'd appreciate it if
others tried and reported back.)

Still no network service at Al Fishawy/Peoples Media
Center... which makes tomorrow a bit less than it could
be.  I'm trying to work on that...

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