[DC LoCo] News missives

Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 30 15:01:13 GMT 2007

Hey kids... What's happ'nin'?

We should probably think about a face-to-face again soon...  But
until then:

First, a splendid time was had by all at the GWU Gutsy Release
InstallFest (followed by a great Italian dinner for three of us).
Many thanks to Maco and the ACM members at GWU for getting that

Speaking of Gutsy, the shipment of CD's arrived yesterday, which
is great, because I just handed out around 75 Feisties to Tony

We met Tony at the HUD Neighborhood Networks conference.  He's
got a sweet little computer lab set up at CCNV (Community for
Creative Non-Violence), which is a homeless shelter with a
somewhat famous history, now located between Union Station and
Judiciary Square metro stations in DC.  He's currently teaching
some Microsoft classes during the week, but on alternating
Saturdays he's doing a refurbishing class and wants to start them
off with Ubuntu.  He's also thinking of shifting the weekday
classes, but he's not yet a strong Linux user, and seems a bit
unsure of how to work that into things. Also, I gather he's got
some deal going with Cisco to have a Cisco curriculum up and
running soon.

And... He teaches a once-a-week, 90-minute class at McKinley
High School -- the District's magnet technology school.  So,
I may have an "inside guy" there as a result. Good for a
FOSSED conference, n'est pas?

He's looking to connect with others doing similar things in
the district.  I'm putting him in touch with the Ethiopian
Center we set up, Al Fishawy / People's Media Center, and
though not local, Free Geek (http://www.freegeek.org/)

I haven't gotten over to the Potter's House since my initial
contact with them about a month ago.  I hope to do that soon.

Any news on the Cleveland Park Library front (or elsewhere)?

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