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I was curious about the same thing a few months ago so I found the 3-5
ultrabooks that I was interested in and then did some searching around on
the Ubuntu forums. Some were definitely more Ubuntu friendly than others
though I can't remember which. I would recommend maybe doing the same


On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:59 PM, NerdyNick <nerdynick at gmail.com> wrote:

> Have you looked at the new Asus Zen. Its a windows PC but comparable to
> the Mac Air, and from the specs I'd bet Ubuntu could go on it with
> minimal effort if at all any.
> On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:15 PM, <mkass at numericalgeo.com> wrote:
>> Does anyone have suggestions for ultra-thin PCs that are happy with
>> Ubuntu (with a minimum of futzing)?  Basically I'm looking for something in
>> the same idea as a Macbook Air.  I was just worried about drivers and such.
>> Thanks!
>> Andy
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>> Subject: [CoLoCo] Fwd: Sponsoring or Donating a Lab top computer
>> From: Don Schwartz <dschwartz at aerorad.com>
>> Date: Sun, February 12, 2012 4:27 pm
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>> Cc: Jeff Johnson <jeffjohnson1401 at yahoo.com>
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>> Purr-Hapx someone has a "spare" NoteBook ?
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>> Don (the lonely Buell)
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>> *From: *jeff johnson <jeffjohnson1401 at yahoo.com>
>> *Subject: **Sponsoring or Donating a Lap top computer*
>> *Date: *February 12, 2012 3:53:33 PM MST
>> *To: *Don Schwartz <dschwartz at aerorad.com>
>> February 12, 2012 ****
>> ** **
>> Mr. Don Schwartz & Associates****
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>> Mr. Don Schwartz****
>> As we spoke earlier today, I am (Jeffery Johnson) the Executive Director
>> of The Veterans Assistance League of Colorado (VALCO).  VALCO is an
>> emerging 501(c)3 corporation that, like the American Legion, was
>> established by Veterans for Veterans for the purpose of mutual
>> helpfulness.  Today I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors and
>> our members to request your investment in the growth of this developing
>> enterprise by sponsoring or donating a Lap top computer to the
>> organization. This donation will help VALCO with its day to day operation
>> and a series of workshops/support groups for Veterans working through the
>> VA Benefits process.   ****
>> As Veterans, we know first-hand the challenges our fellow Veterans face
>> each day and the fact that those challenges are greater than any one
>> organization can meet.  Our intention is not to compete with or replace the
>> invaluable work other service organizations such as the American Legion has
>> provided for nearly a hundred years.  Rather, we view our role as one of
>> “filling in the cracks” that are opening as the number of claims for
>> Veterans benefits continues to climb and overburden existing resources to
>> the breaking point.  We are hoping to add support to our follow veterans by
>> helping them to navigate the labyrinth of Veterans and community based
>> resources available to them, as well as provide the on-going support they
>> need while running the gauntlet of the benefits process.  ****
>> As you know our Veterans face tremendous hardships, both personally and
>> financially, as they await their claims to be processed, with many battling
>> for years until their claim is settled.  During this process they often can
>> become frustrated, disillusioned and downright angry which in turn can
>> become one of the biggest barriers to moving their claim forward and
>> significantly diminish their health.  Our mission is fulfilling the needs
>> of these Colorado Veterans by providing innovative programs and services to
>> maximize their quality of life such as care management, system navigation,
>> , policy management,  life skills and personal development. ****
>> What has VALCO done in its first year? We developed and submitted our
>> 501(c)3 documentation that is required to have an organization at all. This
>> is time intensive, boring work with little or no outside evidence however
>> without it nothing else can be achieved. In most cases it takes anywhere
>> from 9 to 24 months for this to occur so the organization is right on
>> track. We have ongoing workshops to coach vets to navigate the VA that has
>> consistently been attended by 5 to 10 Veterans per session. Over past year
>> VALCO has also advocated for more patient-sensitive policy implementation
>> issues effecting long term care and Fitness Center at the Denver VAMC. **
>> **
>> To continue building on this successful foundation we will be launching a
>> pilot program to extend our current services.  Our intention is to utilize
>> trained, peer life coaches to work with Veterans through the VA claims
>> process.  We will hold weekly drop-in coaching groups and benefit
>> application clinics to help Veterans be fully prepared to utilize the
>> services of Veteran Service Officers more effectively as well as link with
>> the critical resources they will need during the award process.  A tangible
>> endorsement of VALCO by you and your associates through a sponsorship or
>> donation of a Lab top computer would prove to be the catalyst we need to
>> evolve our organization to the next level.****
>> We welcome this opportunity and your support. Please contact me if you
>> are able to provide a donation or if you have any questions. Otherwise, I
>> will contact you in the next few days to follow up.  Again, on behalf of
>> our Board of Directors and members thank you for your consideration and I
>> look forward to speaking with you. ****
>> ** **
>> ** **
>> Jeffery C. Johnson ****
>> Executive Director, VALCO****
>> 303.394.7569  ****
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