[CoLoCo] OT: Anybody know of somebody looking for a Linux Geek?

Michael Robbert mrobbert at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 17:45:09 BST 2010

Sorry to hear about your bad news, but it just happens that I was
planning on posting our recent job posting today. We (Colorado School
of Mines) are looking for a server administrator, primarily for Linux.
We use a mix of Ubuntu, Debian, and Red Hat/CentOS and have a wide
variety of projects going at any point in time. The pay isn't very
competitive with private enterprise, but the benefits are good and the
work environment is flexible. This is a state position so the hiring
process is very regimented, but should allow a good candiate to float
to the top through the process. You can see the posting and how to
apply here: http://bit.ly/bIkd8o

Mike Robbert

On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 7:33 AM, Kevin Fries <kfries6 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, it looks as if I am going to walk into the office this morning and get
> laid off!
> At least 7 got the axe yesterday while I was working from remote to take
> care of my fiancé in the hospital.  As of last night, my access to my email
> stopped working.  So, many of you that have worked IT knows what that
> means... I've been locked out of the network.
> I have always been a jack of many trades.  From network admin, to
> programming.  Latest programming work has been C, C++, Java, & Ruby, with
> some very limited Python, as well as bash scripting.  For the past 5 years,
> I have been working in R&D, inventing new devices, all running in Linux.
> The work required all aspects, from product conception, to design, to
> building hardware and custom Linux operating systems, to testing and
> deployment.  I would literally take a product from thought to reality.
> Anybody know of somebody looking, you can reach me on my cell today
> @303-704-8837
> Thanks for any leads
> Kevin Fries
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